Episode 447:  Celebration SWAG-ger
April 13, 2015



Show Notes

Marjorie and Arnie recap the news regarding collectibles, both free and for sale, at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim!

In 3 days the world's largest Star Wars party begins -- Star Wars Celebration Anaheim!  With attendance projected to be the largest of any Star Wars convention and overnights already planned for the J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy panel, it's the single largest collection of Star Wars fans and collectors--and that means plenty of exclusives!  From Kotobukiya to Gentle Giant to the official Celebration store--listen as Marjorie and Arnie run down the must buys!

But not all the collectibles are for sale--some are just given away!  Yes, more than the official exclusives this seems to be the celebration of Star Wars SWAG!  Patches, pins, buttons, toys, Star Tots, and so much more is just waiting to join your collection!  The Star Wars Action News hosts discuss this--and preview the Star Wars Action News Celebration Anaheim SWAG--in this week's episode!

With a store report by Johnathan, a discussion of the digital download releases of the Star Wars saga, and Jerry with a neo-Vintage Viewpoint, it's plenty to keep you entertained in line while you wait to get in the con!  So download this episode of Star Wars Action News now!

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