Marjorie's Episode III DVD Release Spreadsheet

Store Free! DVD Price On sale at: Misc
Amazon Shipping-Super Saver $15.98 Pre-order    
Best Buy Limited Edition Shepard Fairey Lithograph-for Reward Zone  members only.  Can also get lithgraph by purchasing Battlefront  II for PC.Limited to 100 per store.    BB also has an exclusive  Darth Vader Unleashed figure for 14.99  (Same fig different pkg).   Force FX sabers also on sale for $99.  10% off home movie system  with purchase of any SW movie or game.  Buy any new release and  get $3 off "The Perfect Man".  $14.99 8:00 AM    
Kmart They are having a big sale on SW toys.  Instead of buying from  Kmart, take the sale ad to Wal-Mart to get the price match.  Buy  EIII and get I & II for 8.99  Not listed 8:00 AM Some stores open 24 hours (Big K), others open regular hours 8:00
Shopko Get EI & EII for 7.99 when you buy EIII.  Legos are 20% off Not listed 9:00 AM    
Target Exclusive Limited Edition Darth Vader coin packaged with DVD.   Target Exclusive 2 CD set Best of 1-6.Free SW DV $5 gift card  when you buy EI, EII, OT, or Battlefront II  Not listed 8:00 AM Some stores 24 hour
Meijer DVD Release party 11-1.  Free SW savings card good for 3 weeks  of savings on SW merchandise.  500 per store.  Costume contest,  refreshments.  Buy 2 Duracell saver packs, get $4 off ant SW  DVD.  Basic figs on sale for $4.99.  EI, EII and Clone Wars on  sale for 13.78  Not listed 12:01 AM Coupon
Wal-Mart Local Wal-Marts have stocked heavily and are planning special  displays.  Wal-Mart price matches.  Take your other store ads! 15.87 Movie with bonus exclusive DVD 20.87 12:01 AM Not all stores 24 hour
FYE 15 page comic book 19.99 with $5 MIR Normal  
Sam Goody     $19.99 Normal    
Circuit City     $14.99 Normal    
Osco     $16.99 Normal Some stores are 24
Walgreens     $19.99 12:01 AM 24 hour stores only-no special openings

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