Star Wars Action News Video Idol

Rules and Regulations

The Star Wars Action News contest, celebrating their 200th episode, entitled “Star Wars Action News Video Idol” (hereafter referred to as “contest”) is a competition wherein people submit videos and in doing so may be eligible for prizes.Prizes:  The prizes offered by contest sponsors include:

  • A vintage “Return of the Jedi” carded Stormtrooper figure from Brian’s Toys
  • A 1/6 Scale Ki-Adi Mundi action figure from Sideshow Collectibles.
  • A set of Art FX Clone Wars Jedi statues from Kotobukiya (building Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Yoda)
  • Kotobukiya Commander Bly Vinyl Figure
  • Kotobukiya Slave Leia Vinyl Figure
  • Gentle Giant Princess Leia Mini Statue and Accessory Pack
  • GG Classics Momaw Nadon Bust
  • GG Classics Queen Amidala Bust
  • GG Kustomz Biker Scout
  • GG Zam Wessell Bust
  • GG Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise Maquette
  • GG C-3PO Maquette
  • GG Jawas Bust
  • Code 3 ROTS Movie Sculpture Poster
  • Code 3 REVENGE of the Jedi Mini Movie Sculpture Poster
  • GG ROTS Clone Trooper Busts-Ups
  • Celebration 3 Darth Vader Topper
  • Hasbro Target Excl Demise of General Grievous Action Figure (UGH Packaging)
  • Hasbro Target Utapau Shadow Trooper Action Figure

Other prizes may be added as the contest continues.

To enter the contest:

To be eligible for the contest you must submit a video to Star Wars Action News via e-mail or FTP.  Arrangements for delivery can be made by e-mailing videos submitted become property of Venganza Media Inc. and may be broadcast or used in any manner.

To qualify as a contest entry, videos must:

  • Be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST Wednesday, June 17th, 2009.
  • Be under 10 minutes in length
  • Be original video content never before distributed on the internet (YouTube, other video podcasts, etc) nor broadcast (Television, film, etc).
  • Should not include excessive clips from copyrighted Star Wars material (the films, Cartoon series, etc).
  • Have content related to Star Wars, Star Wars collecting, or the Star Wars Action News podcast.
  • Be submitted in a video format that can be converted into a format editable by Final Cut Express.  Acceptable formats include:
    • Quicktime MOV
    • MPG
    • AVI
    • M4V
    • MP4

      Any other formats will need to be discussed by e-mailing 

  • Must be of a video quality such that it is not overly blocky, choppy, or pixelated (to be determined by Venganza Media staff)
  • Videos must be submitted along with the name of the contestant and the contestant’s mailing address for prize(s) won.
  • Contestants may submit any number of videos, however each contestant will only be eligible for one prize.
  • Videos must be submitted under one name.  If multiple people are involved in the creation, one person must submit that video and will be the recipient of any prize awarded.
    • Any identical videos submitted by multiple people will be ruled ineligible for prizes.

To Deliver Your Videos:

If the video is less than 20MB in size:
E-mail the video to

If the video is over 20MB in size (or if your e-mail cannot send large files):
We will arrange an FTP server for your use. You will need to be familiar with FTP software for uploading the video for this method. For FTP information:

  • Send an e-mail to and request FTP information. In that e-mail you should include at least two preferred times for upload as well as approximate duration for the upload. (Times should be at least one day after your e-mail request is sent)
  • You will be e-mailed back FTP server address, username, and password, as well as a window of time (from your list) of when the FTP will be available.
  • During that window you must begin uploading your file. 

If you would like to mail the video on CD/DVD:
Contact to discuss shipping methods and to receive, if necessary, a mailing address.

Video Judging:

Round 1:

  • The first round of voting will be conducted internally by Venganza Media, Inc. staff, and be based on the following criteria:
    • Content suitable for the audience of Star Wars Action News
    • Relevance of the video topic
    • Entertainment value of the video
    • Production quality of the video
    • Adherence to the video submission guidelines as outlined above

    The top videos as judged by Venganza Media, Inc. will be broadcast on Star Wars Action News’ 200th episode, tentatively planned for upload to the internet on 6/22/2009.  

    Please note:  videos that do not meet the qualifications noted above (length, etc) may still be broadcast on Star Wars Action News but will not be eligible for prizes.

Round 2:

  • After all eligible videos are aired on Star Wars Action News an “open voting” period of no less than 10 days and no more than 14 days will occur on the Star Wars Action News forums located at
  • The poll will be available via a link from the Star Wars Action News home page at
  • Each forum member with at least 5 posts will be able to vote for one segment provided by contest participants as their favorite.
  • In order to ensure a fair voting process:
    • All voters must have made at least 5 posts in the Star Wars Action News forums, to prevent account creation for the sake of voting multiple times.
    • IP addresses of all voters will be tracked.  Any IP address found to vote multiple times will have all votes rendered invalid.
    • Any user found to make multiple accounts for the sake of influencing voting will have their votes rendered invalid and be banned from the Star Wars Action News forums.
    • Any contestant found to try and “game the system” through multiple account creation, IP spoofing, etc. will be declared ineligible from winning any prizes and removed from this contest and all future contests run by Venganza Media Inc.
    • All staff members of Venganza Media Inc. will be allowed to submit one vote.

Prize distribution:

The contestant whose video receives the greatest number of votes will be considered the “first prize winner”.  They will be contacted by Venganza Media Inc. via e-mail and allowed to pick one prize/prize package from those donated.  

The contestant whose video receives the second greatest number of votes will be considered the “second prize winner”.  They will be contacted by Venganza Media Inc. via e-mail and allowed to pick one prize/prize package from those remaining after the “first prize winner” has made their selection.

This process will repeat until all prizes have been awarded.

Winners and their prizes will be announced on a future Star Wars Action News podcast.

In case of a tie in votes, winners among the tied contestants will be determined by a random drawing.


Volunteers and staff of Venganza Media Inc. and members of their immediate families will not be eligible for the contest.

Employees of any prize sponsor will not be eligible for the contest.

Prizes are subject to change based upon sponsor availability.

Prizes are promised by the sponsor.  Should prize unavailability occur, Star Wars Action News and its parent company Venganza Media Inc. shall endeavor to obtain a price of similar monetary value, but shall not be held responsible for any prizes undelivered or damaged in shipment.

Shipping shall be free to all contestants in the United States.  International winners may be asked to arrange payment for shipping fees only with the sponsor providing their prize.

For a written list of contest winners please submit a Self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Star Wars Action News 200th episode Contest Winner Request
PO Box 9732
Springfield, IL  62791-9732

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