A 1995 Brian Daley Interview
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A 1995 Brian Daley Interview

By Alex Newborn

Reprinted on Star Wars Action News by permission of theauthor


Hello, my name isAlex Newborn, and like yourself, I am a fan of great Science FictionLiterature... and therefore an admirer of the works of the late Brian Daley. Iwas also blessed enough to conduct an interview with Brian via mail andtelephone just months before he passed away, which some have called the lastone he ever gave.


Originally writtenfor a newsletter devoted to collecting Star Wars memorabilia, I have rewrittenmy own parts slightly, using less abbreviations and insider lingo to make itmore accessible to Brian's mainstream fans. I have not changed the wording oreven the punctuation on many of Brian's replies.


Rest assured, wecovered more than just his Star Wars contributions. I spent a few heady monthsre-reading everything of his I owned, as well as tracking down and devouringvoraciously nearly everything else I could lay my hands on. Although some ofour discussions are dated now, especially the frenzied anticipation over thethen-iffy Return of the Jedi Radio Drama, where necessary I have includedfootnotes in brackets for today's audience.


I hope you enjoythis trip to the past as much as I have enjoyed reformatting it for yourperusal. Special thanks to Martin Thurn for his blessing, Jim Luceno for hisencouragement, and Lucia St. Clair Robson for her assistance.


Alex Newborn

October 1999




A STARWARS Fan Interviews Brian Daley

by Alex Newborn


Originally appeared in Martin Thurn's STAR WARS COLLECTOR. Used withpermission.




In April 1995, thefront page of SWCollector #10 ran a blurb for an upcoming "interviewcontest" with Brian Daley, and invited subscribers to submit additionalquestions for inclusion:



by Alex Newborn


If you're like me, your originalpaperback copies of Han Solo at Stars' End, Han Solo's Revenge, and Han Soloand the Lost Legacy are tattered and dog-eared from frequent re-readings. Orperhaps you think that the National Public Radio Dramas of Star Wars and EmpireStrikes Back (considered canon by Lucasfilm) are the best adaptations of thestories ever written. Or maybe- just maybe- you actually own two copies of theDisney/Buena Vista audio tape "Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell", in caseanything ever happens to the one you always listen to.


If so, consider yourself a fan ofauthor Brian Daley, because he penned all of these beloved "furtheradventures" in the SW universe. Second only to Splinter of the Mind's Eyeby Alan Dean Foster, Brian Daley was one of the first authors to expand uponGeorge Lucas' characters and settings, and his creations reappear regularly inSW Role-Playing Game sourcebooks and the more recent novels. His earlyexpansions permeate the fabric of the interwoven continuity of the SW universeat a level which is almost subconscious. Timothy Zahn's popular character MaraJade could never fly a Z-95 Headhunter if Brian Daley hadn't invented thefighter craft in the late 1970's.


Recently, Brian Daley consented to aninterview for STAR WARS COLLECTOR, but he warned me thathe had just conducted one for SW Galaxy Magazine (see issue #2 of thatpublication). SWC's publisher Martin Thurn and Idecided to try something a little different, more in keeping with thecollecting aspect of SW fandom.


The result is what we call aninteractive interview. Here's the best part: the winner will receive copies ofthe SW and ESB radio drama script compilations, autographed by Mr. Daleyhimself!



Brian Daley informed me of aninteresting variation in his Han Solo novels, which may be of special interestto completists: In the British editions of the books, the name of the characterBollux was changed to Zollux, to avoid being a homonym of a Cockney slang wordfor male genitalia. [Great, kid, don't get Cockney!]   So, you may want totrack down a few foreign editions of these decade-plus-old books for youralready overcrowded bookshelves!


Vis vobiscum.


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