A 1995 Brian Daley Interview
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A STAR WARS Fan Interviews Brian Daley

by Alex Newborn


[with additionalquestions by John Hansen, Peter Iorillo, Mike Jasman, Marlene Karkoska, Hans Kummer,and Dan Wallace]


Originally appeared inMartin Thurn's STAR WARS COLLECTOR. Used withpermission.



In October of 1995, SWCollector#13 ran the first installment

of this two-partinterview with Brian Daley.





by Alex Newborn


How many of yousubscribers talked yourselves out of entering the Brian Daley Interview Contestannounced in STAR WARS COLLECTOR #10 back in April?It must have been the majority of you, because this interviewer only receivedpostcards from a handful of people. All of the questions were intriguing, so Iwound up using several of them, at least one from each contestant. So, youcould say that everyone was a winner, since they get their name in print and aresponse from Mr. Daley. But there could only be one prize awarded, and therewas one question that I'd had in mind since the contest's inception that Ipromised myself would be the automatic winner (if nobody'd thought of it, I'dhave been hard pressed to choose any other!) That question *was* asked, byMarlene Karkoska, and she will soon be enjoying her autographed copies of theStar Wars and Empire Strikes Back Radio Dramatizations. Congratulations,Marlene- the fact that Brian Daley evades *answering* the question should notdiminish your joy!


Enough about thecontest, let's get into some of the revelations Brian gave us! Things like:Citizen Kane considered as Star Wars narrator! Woody Allen's influence on HanSolo! Vice Prex Hirken's common qualities with Rush Limbaugh! The Sljee StrikesBack! A possible Return of the Jedi radio drama! And the stormtrooper strokingHan's butt? (If that doesn't get your attention, nothing will!) It's all true,in this exclusive interview.




AN: First up, let's address somecontinuity issues. Contestant John Hansen asks whether your Ord Mantelladventure or the comic strip version was first, and might they be separateadventures?


BD: Of course, both projects weredrawn from the line in Empire regarding Han's need to leave the Rebels. Myrecollection is that I was completely unaware of the comic story when I pitchedDisney on my version- otherwise, I'd have steered clear or tried to integrateand align the projects somehow. To this day, I haven't seen the strip version.If you want to consider them discrete incidents, feel free. Fortunately, LucyWilson has Allan Kausch, at LucasArts, keeping an eye on that sort of thingnow.


(Listen, you pays yourmoney and gets the tale; any personal constructs or revisions you want to doare your business and your right. I recall one fanzine story early on that hadLeia wearing blue jeans and enjoying a good look at Luke when he was coming outof the shower bare-ass... back before we knew anything about their siblinghood,of course. My point is, don't get all exercised about discrepancies. Acceptthem or rationalize them, then move on. Why spoil your own fun?)


AN: Hansen also asks if you everconsidered writing the story of the famous Sabacc game in which Han won theFalcon from Lando?


[[Author AnnCrispin included such a scene in her Han Solo novels from Bantam in the yearssince Brian's death. Rebel Dawn, her third novel in that trilogy, which hascontinuity to Brian's novels and uses some of his characters, is dedicated toBrian's memory.]]


BD: It's a story I'd love to take acut at, although I suspect that L. Neil Smith has his own take on it.


AN: That prompts me to ask you aboutyour mention of L. Neil Smith in the "thanks to" of Fall of the WhiteShip Avatar, since he authored del Rey's Lando Calrissian trilogy.


BD: Neil's been a long-distanceacquaintance since he sold his first novel, The Probability Broach, to OwenLock at del Rey. We came to be friends by telephone and correspondence. He'sbeen kind not only in lending me his expertise but also counseling my dear one,Lucia St. Clair Robson, on certain details in one of her best-sellinghistorical novels.


AN: Contestant Hans Kummer asks ifReturn of the Jedi's non-adaptation for radio was politically motivated by theNEA controversy at the time or lack of funding?


BD: It was about politics, not money.When Ronald Reagan was elected, he slashed NETand NPR- National Educational TV and National Public Radio. NPR began layingpeople off immediately, by the dozen. For Jedi there was not a penny.


Reagan of course wenton to personally champion the S&L ripoff and waste defense money like adrunken generalissimo (we're still servicing the debt he ran up). But bythunder he kept us from frittering away a few bucks on any more godless,socialist radio serials!


AN: Contestant Peter Iorillo wondersif your character Heater was neat and trim in contrast to Jabba's slovenly,gross appearance.


BD: Since Heater was played by JoelBrooks, a fit, handsome young actor, that's how I tend to think of Heater.


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