A 1995 Brian Daley Interview
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AN: Are there any other Disney/Buena Vista stories you wrote besides"Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell"?


BD: Yes, I wrote an adaptation of themovie "War Games" at about the same time.


AN: I read somewhere that you wrotefor an animated series. Which one?


BD: It was called Adventures of theGalaxy Rangers and ran in the mid-80's. A number of writers and editors in theNYC area got to do scripts (Jim Luceno and I each took seven; Lucia did two).Because it wasn't toy-driven (the last series that wasn't, I guess) we had alot of freedom to develop our own characters, settings, and storylines. Thenagain, because it wasn't toy-driven, Rangers also went bye-bye.


AN: Can you straighten out twoconflicting blueprints of the Millennium Falcon?


BD: That's not my prerogative. I willsay that some of the people who've done SW nomenclature articles don't seem toknow a damn thing about SF or the military, or aircraft or marine design terms,the realities of traveling around inside a hunk of metal, or the possibilitiesof an expanded vocabulary.


AN: Here's another question fromcontest winner Marlene Karkoska: If you do a radio play for ROTJ, what newscene would you most like to add or expand upon?


BD: At this writing (August '95), it appearsthat there may very well be an audio series of ROTJ. I'm therefore going tohold out on this one except to say that I hope and fully intend that you andother fans will be pleased.


AN: And finally, Marlene'sprize-winning question: In the foreword to the ANH NPR scripts book, you point outyour choice to replace each film's stirring visual coda with dialogue for Luke,and state that you've got one ready for the victory party in that Endor forestcanopy. You zing us by asking if we'd like to hear it. Would you be willing toshare that line with us?


BD: What I wrote was, "Care tohear it? In that case, tune in if and when ROJ comes to radio." I believeyou'll be able to in the not-too-distant future.


[[We were finallyable to hear that line when the Return of the Jedi radio trilogy was completed,finishing the trilogy of adaptations Brian had begun so many years before...but sadly Brian himself did not live to hear the finished product. He passedaway within hours of the recording of the final voice tracks. His circle wascomplete.]]


AN: I'd like to thank everyone whosent in questions... and thanks to Martin Thurn for giving me the forum topresent this. Most of all, I'd like to thank Brian Daley, a genuine Nice Guy,for being so gracious about our intrusion into his busy schedule. May the Forcecontinue to be with you, Brian, whether you're writing in the Star Wars galaxyor in some other realm far, far away.


[[That closing lineis extremely eerie in hindsight. I was referring to his own setting of GammaLAW,but it can easily be re-interpreted as a prescient farewell. But I had no ideaBrian was secretly battling the pancreatic cancer which would claim his life inscant months. He phoned me after seeing the galley form of the interview, whichhe'd asked to proofread, and told me how the last line had deeply touched him.


After all the wayshis words on paper had moved me over the years, it was a distinct honor toreciprocate in kind.]]


--Alex Newborn

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