Power of the Peanut
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Long before the April 2nd official release date I saw them.  It was at the checkout of ShopKo.  There they  were, bags and bags of M&Ms.  Despite what one would think to look at me, I do not have a big soft spot for  sweets and, as such, M&Ms would not be a big draw.  Further, I do not like dark chocolate, so dark chocolate M&Ms would certainly not be on my list.

But these were so damn cute.

M&M characters, colorful and round, in the outfits of some favorite Star Wars characters.  An M&M clone,  an M&M Darth Maul, an M&M Vader, Han, and Boba Fett, posing with actors from the movies, and with such cute  lines as “You don’t know the power of the peanut.”  They were adorable.  I decided to get the bags…but then  became confused.  There were four types of M&Ms:  Plain, Peanut, Dark Chocolate Plain, and Dark Chocolate  Peanut.  Each of those types had several bag designs.  Each bag of M&Ms was $3.  Having over $100 of Star  Wars toys in my arms already I decided to pass on these cute, cute bags.

Returning to my office I did a quick Google to discover there were 72 bag designs in all.  I figured this  out to be roughly $215 at $3 per bag and scoffed.  How could they ever expect someone to buy $200 in M&Ms?   That’s insanity!  And what would you do with so much chocolate in a candy shell?

The next week my wife and I were again at Shop Ko.  My wife is a manager at her company and wanted to take  some candy to her employees.  I recommended M&Ms.  Quickly I picked out the four cutest bags, including such  lines as “If you only knew the power of the peanut!” and “A little round for a Stormtrooper, aren’t you?”   My wife took two bags to work and I took two bags to my co-workers.

Then at checkout I saw some of the small 3 oz bags of M&Ms.  These were only 88 cents, and were even cuter  with phrases such as “It’s our lot in life to be eaten” with an M&M C-3PO and “I sense much hunger in you.”   I bought a few of those as well.

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