Power of the Peanut
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Once down the dark path you start, forever will it dominate your destiny.

I had bought 6 bags of M&Ms now and realized that not all the bags were $3, some were under $1.  And thus  the dark chocolate times began.

The next weekend I began buying M&Ms in earnest.  There were five sizes of bags, the jumbo 21 oz bags, the  large 14 oz bags, the reasonable (and vertical) 5 oz bags and the single serving 3 oz bags.  Each store seemed  to carry only one or two sizes of bags.  Worse, the 3 oz bags were in checkout aisles, and most stores had not  yet sold out of their non-Star Wars M&Ms and, as such, had not yet stocked the Star Wars M&M bags.

So the hunt began.

I went to Target where M&Ms seemed cheapest and checked the bags off based on their designs and slogans.   Then I went to Wal Mart to get the single serving bags.  Then I went to Toys R Us, and a dark feeling overcame  me.  To my eye the 21 and 14 oz bags looked identical, so had I doubled up on bags, or not bought enough?  I  had been marking based on design rather than bag number and, as such, was totally lost.

I went online to print the checklist and started marking off the ones we had.  The collecting turned out to  be trickier than I had thought.  I had passed on bags thinking I already owned them and bought bags I did not  know I had.  However this did help explain why Target would charge $2.33 for a bag while Wal Mart would charge  over $3; the Wal Mart bag was bigger.

So back to the stores I went, searching for bags of candy.  Each of the four bag sizes had four types of M&Ms,  and each type of M&M had either four or six designs for a total of 72 bags.  I found the bag sizes at the  following stores: 

21 oz:  Wal Mart and Meijer
14 oz:  Target and Toys R Us
5 oz:  Toys R Us and Best Buy
3 oz:  Wal Mart

To make matters worse there seemed to be chase bags.  My wife and I came across a palette of M&Ms at Wal Mart,  all 21 oz bags.  A total of 30 cases.  We looked at every bag in every case and could not find one bag design  of each type of M&M.  This was getting very troublesome.

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