Power of the Peanut
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Fortunately, with many shopping trips and a little luck, we were able to complete first the 21oz bags, then the  14 oz bags.  Finally the 3 oz bags were completed, but there were still the 5 oz bags to deal with.  These bags  are an odd size which few stores carry.  I have only seen them at gas stations and at the Star Wars displays at  Best Buy and Toys R Us.  I bought all the bags both stores had in my town and was still missing two dark  chocolate plain M&Ms bags.  I tried gas stations, but their M&Ms stock was older and not yet graced with the  cute Star Wars M&M guys on the bags. 

So finally an hours drive I took on blind faith to Decatur, IL, home of the next closest Best Buy.  There were  plenty of 5 oz bags in plain, peanut, and dark chocolate peanut, but not a single dark chocolate plain bag was  to be found.  Curses!  We circled the store looking at every end cap, and there were none.  A clerk noticed our  confused wondering and asked if she could help.  I was embarrassed.  I am 30 years old.  Still I swallowed my  pride and said I was looking for M&Ms.  At Best Buy.  On Saturday night.  At 8:30 p.m.  With my wife. 

Believe it or not the fates must have been smiling upon me because I found the only nice Best Buy clerk in  the world.  She got her manager who went in the back and found dark chocolate M&Ms.  But it got worse, I  needed two bags.  And not just any bags, two specific bags.  I expected her to bring out the case for me to  root through, but instead this clerk took the bag numbers and returned with my bounty:  the final two M&M bag  designs.  My M&M bag collection was complete.

I then did some math.  I bought well over 50 pounds of M&Ms.  In addition I spent about $165 on  M&Ms (not counting the M&M tins, M&M minis with cute case designs, M&M water bottles, etc). 

Given that the bags crinkle, and that food (especially sugar) draws bugs, I decided to carefully open my bags  and remove the food, then flatten them for optimal condition.  Which left me with a question of what to do with  50 lbs of M&Ms. 

I am now everyone’s best friend at my office, and most of them are on constant sugar highs.   A very  large, hot pink bowl of non-peanut M&Ms is stored in the cube of a manager in my department.  Another  large candy dish full of peanuty M&Ms is stored in another manager’s cube.  I have sent care packages to  my step-nephew, my brother in law, and my godparents.  My wife has baked M&M cookies which I, again, brought  to work (and which were devoured in under 40 minutes). 

The M&M end is in sight.  I’m down to probably 20 lbs of M&Ms and those will hopefully be gone before the  movie premiers on May 19th. 

Now if I can just resist the lure of the Skittles and their 48 bag designs.  At least they’re not cute. 

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