Episode III Review
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The goods:  The action was good and the story mostly focused.  I was able to follow Anakinís decent  into darkness and went with it every step of the way.  If you give yourself to the idea that once Luke killed  Vader he would forever be evil, rather than the more realistic view that even good people can do drastic and  dastardly deeds, then you can go along with these plot twists.  I think every piece of the puzzle fell into  place well.  I loved seeing the manipulation of public information which caused the Jedi to be exterminated  without any public outcry, as well as the way so many Jedi were eradicated from the galaxy.  It left a door  open for a few random Jedi to have survived while giving the Jedi apocalypse everyone really wanted to see. 

I especially like that many Jedi, including the children, were slaughtered by Anakinís hand.  I had long  suspected something less insidious such as a bombing of the Jedi temple.  Having it all done by hand was  ballsy and I give it credit.

The final dual between Anakin and Obi-Wan now scores as my favorite lightsaber fight, above Darth Maul and  Obi Wan.  I did not think any fight would beat the Maul fight but this one surely did.  The other fights  rocked as well.  The Mace/Sideous fight, the Yoda/Sideous fight, the Dooku fight (although the Dooku fight  was way too short), all exciting.  I thought the opening space battle (again too short) was one of the best  in the entire series, and the ground battle on Kashyyyk had some great action, but Iíll talk a little more  about that battle later.

Iím glad they referenced Anakinís divine birth and hinted that he may have been created for evil.  Better to  reference it and hint at a reason rather than to leave it just hanging as the coming of Christ.  Christ who  slaughtered hundreds and instigated the death of billions more, but Christ nonetheless.

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