Episode III Review
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Bads:  The only problem with this movie was there was too much movie to be contained in 2 hours and  20 minutes.  The fight between Anakin and Count Dooku should have been much longer.  Dooku is a Sith Lord.   He concocted all of the problems seen in Episode II and he manipulated a war.  He went toe to toe with Anakin,  Obi-Wan, and Yoda and survived without a scratch.  He should not have gone down so easily.

Likewise General Grievous.  His problem may be one of merchandising as he is on almost as many Episode III  packages as Darth Vader, but Grievous never manages to measure up.  A hunched over cyborg suffering from  emphysema he was more laughable than frightening.  He was said to be the worst Jedi killer in the war, but  even having four arms, four lightsabers, and mechanical speed faster than the eye can follow, it only took  Obi-Wan seven strikes to cut off one of Grievous’ hands and not many more before the second hand fell off.   I realize Obi-Wan needed to have an important mission while Anakin was seduced, but it just didn’t work for me.   Had Lucas had the foresight to introduce Grievous in Episode II rather than Episode III it may have worked  better.  Including Grievous in the Clone Wars cartoon doesn’t count, either. It just isn’t enough.

Third, I do not understand the need for the battle scenes on Kashyyyk.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing  the Wookiee home world and I thought the action was tremendous.  I just felt it didn’t fit in with the movie.   Much like an extra sex scene in a porno, this seemed to be action for action’s sake.  I’ve seen better  justification for large battles in Michael Bay films for crying out loud.  To just say “Kashyyyk is important,  the Wookiees need our help” and to then spend a lot of time showing the Wookiee battle is lame.  Chewbacca’s  and Tarrful’s roles in the film was very unfulfilling.  Chewbacca deserved a reason for being there, but it  seemed added just to let not enough time go by without a battle (much like a porno cannot let too much time go  by without a money shot).  This story should have been given more time or dropped completely.

Additionally, Qui Gon’s ghost is mentioned, but never seen.  This is a bad choice.  Pay Liam Neeson whatever  he wants, but show that freaking ghost.  If he won’t do the make-up then at least give us a voice-over of Qui  Gon.  Explain explicitly that good leads to immortality rather than leave that thread hanging so badly.

Finally, Padme exists here only to give birth and be a plot device.  Natalie Portman is usually a good actress  who deserves better material to work with, and Padme Amidala is a more important character than to just be used  so horribly.  Her death due to losing the will to live is poor as well.  There have been many times I’ve lost  the will to live but my body does not break down because of it, and likewise with such medical technology around  I’m sure they could have put her on life support.

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