Episode III Review
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The Other:  I have a few disappointments of my own, but I cannot blame the film for not living up to my  imagined expectations based on pre-movie gossip.  I know there were plans to show Yoda on Dagobah, the formation  of the Rebellion with Mon Mothma, and more character development among the Jedi, especially Obi-Wan.  These were  all cut for time, and perhaps they improved the pacing of the overall film, but going into the movie expecting  these things I am greatly disappointed that they are not there. 

Also, Leia says she remembers her mother.  “Just images, really.  She died when I was very young.”  Yes, like  3 minutes young!  I guess I can go with Leia, being a child of The Force, having memory of her own birth  (images if not total recall) but it still seems that this, like Luke and Leia being siblings, was shoehorned in  to fit rather than actually thought out.


In the end this movie suffers from the sins of the fathers.  There was too much plot left for just one film,  but this is because the previous two films lacked in relevant plot.  Had Lucas truly written all six movies  before filming, and had he stuck to his original plan, the resulting saga would be much stronger and more  cohesive.  As it is an army of apologists must run around and spackle the plot cracks and tar in the plot  holes.  Lucas had some ideas of what he wanted to do, of this I’m sure, but the final result shows that these  movies are not movies of passion but movies of routine.  This is not to say the original Star Wars was even a  movie of passion.  He was out to make a fun film, like those he remembered from his youth, not to create an  epic that we netlings would pick apart like an expensive lobster dinner, searching every crevice for a morsel  of meat.  That said, it is a little disappointing the final result is not stronger on story.

Revenge of the Sith is, without any doubt, the best of the “prequels” (and I liked Phantom Menace and loved  Attack of the Clones) but not quite on par with any of the films in the original trilogy.  Still, by being the  best of the prequels the series has indeed gone out on a very high note.  

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