Episode III Anticipation
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Episode III draws very near.  2 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes, 16 seconds (15…14…13…) remain, to be overly  precise.  I read many tales of disappointment once the movie is done…not disappointment in the movie itself  but disappointment in a feeling that “the end” is here.  With Sith being the (reportedly) final movie in the  saga many fans are left disappointed.  Disappointed in what?  Well, my guess is they are disappointed that the  hype will never again be as big as it is right now. 

About six weeks after the movie is released it will become a footnote, and while the DVDs will come out  repeatedly, I’m sure, never again will we have the lines that last for months, the big toy night releases, the  sheer adrenaline from the excitement of seeing Lucas’ vision on the screen.

I’ve read many sites where people rationalize “it’s not that bad…” citing the upcoming television  series (both live and animated), the games, the books, etc.  They are clinging to a false hope because unless  Lucas changes his mind and makes more movies I do not think Star Wars will ever be this hyped again.

But rather than try to create false hope I see things in a different light.  

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