Arnie and the Ultimate Star Wars Fan
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On April 12 the news was everywhere,,,,,  and, of course,  The “search” for the “Ultimate Star Wars Fan”.  I looked around my  desk at work, filled with Episode III toys, looked at my arm with the Rebel tattoo, looked at my shirt with  Yoda and Mickey Mouse, lightsabers drawn, and thought, “Hmm…that could be me.”

I read the rules of the contest and they were strict.  Access Hollywood gave contestants just over one week  to put together a two minute video showing why they were the “Ultimate” Star Wars fan.  One week to script,  shoot, and edit.  In addition, only the only music allowed was the main title to “A New Hope” (the Star Wars  theme).  This was strict, there was no doubt, but I was determined.  Since I taught at a local college the  night of the 12th I started filming on Wednesday, April 13th.  

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