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I already had an appointment to get a Clone Wars Animated Yoda tattoo on my leg with the thought of  entering it in the Celebration III tattoo contest (it had not fully healed in time for C3 so I did not enter).   My wife brought the video camera and my pain was the first footage shot for the video. 

The next few days consisted of script writing and filming pick-up shots.  I re-enacted my long, lonely wait  for Toys R Us to open for a holographic Yoda, and I filmed the Toys R Us toy displays. 

That weekend was quite busy for us as we had a family dinner party Saturday, so Sunday was intended to be my  day of filming.  I had a lot of work to do as I had just moved and my Star Wars memorabilia was all still in  boxes.  As often happens to great plans, things did not quite work out as expected. 

I spent the entire day Sunday digging toys out of the basement.  First I brought up all my vintage toys.   These had been stored in my Godparentsí basement for the past 20 years!  I had never looked through them in  that time just remembering my collection.  When I got my first house just a month earlier my Godparents brought  over all my old toys for me to store now.  I got out every vintage toy I had, some I remembered and some I  didnít.  I spent well over two hours getting them set up on the kitchen table and filmed them for about three minutes, then spent another half hour putting them all back away.

Then came the new toys.  I started with the new Episode III toys, of which I had over 100 figures plus all  vehicles, carrying cases, etc.  I spread this out on my living room floor, taking an hour to do so, only to  then discover that it was impossible to film.  I tried, but it was all too horizontal to film well without a  crane.  That was time wasted.

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