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I then tried again, this time mixing up the figures.  Episode 1, Saga, Episode 3, POTF2, POTJ, all gathered  together on my staircase, creating an immense vertical wall of toys.  This filmed much better, and again took  a couple hours to put together and another half our to take down.

By this time I was beat and could not continue that day, but the deadline was fast approaching.  It was Sunday  night and the video needed to be sent by Thursday per the contest rules, but on Wednesday I was leaving for  Celebration.  I had only 2 days, and to top it off I was teaching both nights!

My wife stepped up to the plate.  Monday night while I taught she took charge of turning our spare bedroom  into a Star Wars room.  I came home that night to find the room devoid of the many boxes which had inhabited  it, and in its place were 6 recently bought black and silver bookshelves, all assembled, a Master Replicas  item on each shelf.  I got home at 10 p.m. and was up until 2 a.m. putting the right saber with the right  stand, etc.  Hard work, but the room was ready for filming.

The next day was time to film the items and my scenes.  The spare bedroom has a bay window for wonderful  natural light, and these scenes had to be filmed in daytime to not look underlit.  That said, I was teaching  that night and had very little time to spare.  It is a 30 minute drive from my work to my home, and another  30 minutes from my home to the school.  I informed class that I would be late and after work I tore home.   I quickly changed clothes into my nicest red shirt with a Stormtrooper tie.  Script ready we set to filming me.   Most of my scenes made it into the final cut.  In addition, we filmed the sabers gleaming in the sunlight.   For the final scenes we were rushing so bad I was sweating, but I donít think it showed up on the video.

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