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I rushed to class where I taught hurriedly. The video needed to be edited  and narrated. I was hoping (optimistically) to be asleep by 2 a.m. so we could drive to  Indianapolis for Celebration III. My script had the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • My Godparents talking about my toys
  • Vintage toys
  • New toys
  • High end replicas
  • My Han in carbonite
  • My tattoos
  • My movie when I was 8
  • New stop-motion animation movie
  • My wedding
  • Part of my best man’s wedding speech
  • My charity work
  • Outro

I only had 2 minutes of running time and I talked fast and edited faster.  Still it was not enough,  some parts of my film had to hit the editing room floor.  My toy drive work was killed, as was my best  man’s speech.  The filming of the Episode III toys did not make the cut and my Master Replicas shots were  trimmed so you could only see a few.  Still, I was 70% happy with the final result.

I got no sleep that night, driving to Indy after an all-nighter.  I needed a title.  An 11th hour  decision, “Devotion” felt right.  I made a fancy DVD label and DVD slip case for my movie and next-day  aired it to Access Hollywood.  Then I went to Celebration III and barely gave it another thought.

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