Arnie and the Ultimate Star Wars Fan
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Thursday, April 29, 2005 the contest was set to begin with the first 2 of 10 contestants battling it out  to make it to the top 5, where another vote would determine the “Ultimate Star Wars Fan”.  The Access Hollywood  site was set to show the first two contestants at 4:30 p.m. EST.  I was refreshing the site and, sure enough,  at 4:30 EST the first two contestants were shown.  ONE OF THEM WAS ME!  They had only received my tape a scant  five hours earlier (when taking into account the time zones) and they had encoded it and put it online.  I was  stunned.  

I tried to watch my competitor’s video but the bandwidth at work could not handle it.  I was nervous, certain  to lose I felt.  Still, a few people at work championed my cause, handing out flyers at work so people could  vote for my film, titled “Devotion”.  My wife spread the word throughout her office as well.  I immediately hit  the forums and the sites where I was known, hoping for a little fan based support.  I was nervous.

That night at 6:30 I watched Access Hollywood.  I was embarrassed to see myself (a natural reaction, I suppose)  and nervous when I saw my competition.  My wife told me his film was bad, but I thought he stood a good chance.   Worse, he was only 18 and could grow a better beard than me!

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