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That whole night and the next morning I received calls, e-mails, and people came to see me at work.  All of  them told me I was a shoe-in and it would be a travesty if the other person won because his film was bad.   What are my friends supposed to say but that?  Still, one point they kept coming back to was on his video my  opponent said “I may not know the characters or the lines in Star Wars…”  As one person said “I don’t know  jack s#!+ about Star Wars, but I know not to say that while making a movie.”  Another person said “With a  little prep I could make a 2 minute video making me look like the Star Wars master and never once admit I  don’t know anything about it.”  Despite my fears these words started to get my hopes up.  But even if they  were right it didn’t matter, the voting of America mattered.  

I kept checking the Access Hollywood site the day of the 29th, praying to know the results.  New contestants  would take center stage at 4:30 EST.  Would results be posted then, would they be given on the show that night,  or would I have to wait until a week later to know if I had gone from the final 10 to the final 5?  Finally the  site updated, two new fans, and no results from my contest.

I waited anxiously for that night’s Access Hollywood broadcast.  Each minute dragged, and was made that much  worse because my wife was working late and I was home alone, with no one to take my mind off the contest.   After an eternity Access Hollywood aired.  Soon they were airing clips of the two newest contestants, but no  talk of results.  

I was dismayed.  The suspense was thick, and I cannot deal well with end of season television cliffhangers,  let alone having to wait a full week to know the voting results of my Devotion.  Still, my friend (who appeared  in Devotion both at age 9 and age 29) told me the results only mattered to two people.  This is not American  Idol and America is not on the edge of their seats…only me.

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