Arnie and the Ultimate Star Wars Fan
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Part 2:

Friday, April 6th came and I was in suspense.  The chance of me losing was ever-present, but enough people,  both friends and strangers, had told me I was likely to win so I was not very worried.  My true nervousness  was for Monday, April 9th.  Would I win then?  There were some good entries, but really only one which I felt  deserved to win over me (the “Day in the Life” video of a Stormtrooper).  

At lunch on the 6th I went to Kinkos with my wife and made 150 “Vote for Arnie” flyers on bright yellow paper.  We were planning our weekend around the massive voting campaign.  At 3:30 Friday I sat at my desk at work  reloading the Access Hollywood page, flyers at the ready to hand out.

The site updated.  I had lost.  I lost to the 18 year old kid who said “I may not know the characters of the  lines of Star Wars.”  I lost to the 18 year old kid who had a Freddy Kruger voiced Darth Vader complaining  about repeats and reality shows.  I lost to an 18 year old kid who’s claim to Star Wars fame was a wall his  mommy painted for him.



I lost.

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