Arnie and the Ultimate Star Wars Fan
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I have no idea who won the Access Hollywood contest.  I had my Tivo set to record Monday’s episode when they  would presumably reveal the winner, but Tivo was set to keyword Star Wars and it chose to record the “New Hope”  episode of That ‘70s Show rather than Access Hollywood.  The Access Hollywood website has still not posted the  winner.  In my mind I hope it’s the Stormtrooper, he is my equal and in good enough shape to wear Stormtrooper  armor (I fear the words “aren’t you a little fat for a Stormtrooper?”).  

I don’t really care who won.  Several of the videos which made it into the top 5 were really awful.  I  believe the Jedi Clan should not have made it into the top 5.  You couldn’t understand what they were even  saying over the crying, screaming babies.  I think “The Ultimate Fan” should not have made it, either.   Mugging for a camera, bowling and mowing in a Vader outfit, and raising your arms in a WWF pose does not a  Star Wars fan make.  He did nothing to show his ultimate-ness.  Out of the five days, I agree with only 2 of  the “winners”.  So I can hope one of them won, but it doesn’t change my daily life.  

Last, I try not to “sour grapes” the whole situation, but one fact must be pointed out.  Initially, as I  understood it, this contest was to go to the premiere and meet Lucas, however what the winner actually got  was tickets to the charity premiere in LA and to meet “a star” of Star Wars.  I doubt if that star is Portman,  Jackson, McGregor, or Christianson, but I could be wrong.  Still, had I won I probably would have still  complained.  Just less than I am now.


Epilogue 2, Electric Boogaloo:


I understand that the Stormtrooper who showered with a toilet brush won and I tip my hat to him.

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