Midnight Sanity, Morning Madness
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The wait became far duller after the car accident.  A man with two more children came and the kids kept racing and playing tag.  A few other collectors showed up, but at 11:30 the line was only 10 people long.  Then a car arrived with three people who appeared to be drunk ass holes.  It turns out they were local wrestlers.  They tried to take my place in line, but I ignored them and they went away.  Then they kept saying they knew the manager and they were getting Yodas, not people in line.  This had me nervous but I kept quiet. 

About 11:45 the line got pretty long.  Iíd say only 50 people in all, but it was quite a growth from 10 people 15 minutes earlier.  A LOT shorter than back in 1999 where there were 400 or more people buying toys, but this year there were many places having midnight sales; in 1999 there was only TRU.

Then the manager came with the coupons.  One per family.  Fortunately I donít know my wife, so we each got 1.  I was not complaining.  I wanted a total of 4 Yodas, and I was offering to buy some off the family behind me for $20 each, but when each family only got one Yoda the sale was off.  Oh well, at least my wife and I each had one.

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