Midnight Sanity, Morning Madness
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Before the doors were opened there was a call for sanity among the collectors.  There would be plenty of product, no need for pushing, shoving, running, etc.  I was good with that thought.  Then the doors opened.  I was almost trampled.  My wife went for the figures, and got trapped between 20 people and the figures.  She tried to be good, handing figures to people, but they just kept pushing.  It was actually fairly rough. 

My wife was on 3 figures, I was on everything else.  I got the Unleashed, the vehicles (but they had no gunships nor tri droids), the games.  My wife got every figure except for Royal Guards and Battle Droids, she found only 1 red Royal Guard, 1 battle droid.  Every other figure was accounted for, numbers 1 through 32.  By digging through cases we found Tri fighters, short packed at 1 per case of 6 ships.  With the case number we were able to get the 3 we wanted. 

We stopped to sort everything and had done fairly well.  I noticed during the buy that I was flush and my wife said I looked ready to have a heart attack.  In the heat of the store I never thought to remove any of my four coats.  I was still quite warm upon exit. 

We checked out and spent far less than I had anticipated, only about $700.  Still, we were missing some figures so off to Wal Mart we went.

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