Midnight Sanity, Morning Madness
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Aftermath:  12:40 a.m. 1:10 a.m. 4/2/2005

Wal Mart was mostly dead.  They had a rush at midnight, but by the time we got there the buyers had all left.  Still, there was quite a bit of stock left for us to pick through.

At Wal Mart there were Darth Taters, which we grabbed four of.  Also we got a voice changer helmet in Episode III packaging, the Jedi Training Remote TV game, and a couple blue Royal Guards, as well as the last Battle Droids we needed.  Also they had 2 gunships, I took both.  Only needed 1 more.  A very nice employee hear us saying figure 23 was the only one we needed, so she went in back and dug out every Royal Guard they had, all blue.  I had my Blue Royal Guards, and those were supposedly harder to find.  We checked out.  Another $400, and the credit card I used at Toys R Us had been deactivated due to a fraud alert.  Fortunately I had others.

While at Wal Mart we encountered other people who had been with us at Toys R Us.  They said that at the end the employees were pulling Red Royal Guards out of boxes, and those were the last figures I needed.  Back to TRU!

In the parking lot we met a couple people with whom my wife works.  They had tracked us down to bring us hot coffee.  Nice guys.  Id never met them before but to track us down to two stores to bring us a Thermos of coffee and creamer, gotta be nice.  They offered to go to Meijer for us to see if they had the figures we needed.  My wife and I went back to TRU to see if any red Royals were remaining.

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