Midnight Sanity, Morning Madness
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Almost there 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., 4/2/2005

Back to four coats and a sleeping bag we sat outside.  Employees started to arrive at 6, and there were 5 people in my party in line by 6, which is when the first stranger arrived.  I had read tickets for the figures would be handed out at 6:30 a.m. but at 6:30 there were only 8 people in line.  Had it not been for my posse, there would have been 3.  Due to this the manager decided to hold onto the tickets, so we were not able to get breakfast proper (I never even got one of the doughnuts I brought).  My in-laws were embarrassing me, complaining of needing toilets quite loudly.  Still, it was for a spare Lava Vader so I persevered. 

Around 7:30 I noticed someone who looked out of place, an old lady with her hair in a wind-wrap, reading a romance novel.  Not your usual Star Wars buyer.  To make matters worse, she started cutting in line, up into our group.  As if we wouldn’t notice.  One of my friends heard her say “I didn’t get up this early to not do this right,” as if early was 7 a.m. (compared to my 3 a.m.) and to “do it right” is to cut in line.  There were only 20 people in line, she was certain to get a Vader, but she still had to cut in line.  This angered me.  I thought “do this right” meant to hit the aisle hard, and I was first in line.  I was not going to be beaten by this rude lady, so I was determined to get there first.

The Target rep comes out to show us their nifty gift cards and the rude lady quizzes the guy endlessly, proving she didn’t listen the first time.  The employees also try to push Target credit cards on us.  Everyone passes.

Finally they hand out the cards and I, there since 3 a.m., get card #1.  There were more cards than people.  My wife’s friend arrives with her infant child, but the Target rep refuses to give the baby a ticket, saying “only one per person.”  He should have said one per CUSTOMER.  “Are you claiming a baby is not a person?” I say, joking.  “No no no” he recants, but the baby gets no ticket.

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