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It’s away! 8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. 4/2/2005

At 8 a.m. the doors open.  Everyone had their job.  My wife was to get the gift cards and to hand them out to people (except rude lady).  I was to hit the toy aisle for the cup and figure sets.  My in laws were to get their figures.  Go!  We did marvelous. 

I got 2 of each cup.  I wanted 4 Clones, but I only got 2.  They only had 3 and I missed one of them.  I also got the micro machines.  My wife came back to meet me with a cart and we were off.  My wife got the beanie Clone Trooper and some “Tin Sets” which look like pen and paper sets with a collectible tin.  Then we got our Vaders.  By the time I got my Vader they were letting people have 2, so I got 2. In addition our friends from Perkins came and got one for themselves.  My posse got a total of 14 of the 36 lava Vaders, of which I came home with 8.  That was 3 more than I wanted, I will use them for trades.  Two of those 14 were for my wife’s friend’s one year old daughter, so she has a token of the biggest event in her first year.  In addition, she finally was validated as being a “person” and got her ticket.  The 1 year old got the last Lava Vader in the store.

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