Our First Interview
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New Microphones

I had been thinking about purchasing better microphones for some time as well, knowing that the sound of the Altec Lansings was not as clean as it could be.  I had heard of “microphone upgrades” on such podcasts as Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and Mr. Bubble, and both the Galaxies podcast and Geeks On had mentioned Shure brand microphones.  I mention this to my brother-in-law, who recommends the Shure SM57, a microphone for around $60 which is unparalleled in quality for the cost.  He informed me it is the ONLY microphone used at the podium of the president.  Good enough for me!  But the interview was the very next day, I didn’t have time for internet bargain shopping.  Plus it was now 4:50, we were going to be VERY late for dinner.

We jump in the Sithmobile and race from Pawnee to Springfield (I caught myself going over 90 for a while).  We were going to dinner, but along the way my wife was calling local music shops looking for the Shure SM57.  The first one we called had some, but they were closing at 5 and we were 20 minutes away.  We beg them to stay open as we race over there.  As an afterthought I tell Marjorie to ask how much, and they say $150.  I’m thinking “$75 each, not too bad.” 

We get to the store at 5:15 (remember, dinner was at 5).  We rush in, and they know we are coming and what we want, yet it’s a procedure to get them.  One microphone is in the back room, another in the basement.  We need XLR cords, and they pull them from the shelves.  We need stands, and those are upstairs.  We need wind screens, and those are at the front of the store.  My wife demands a kazoo and I capitulate (big mistake there).  Finally we go to ring up, and the microphones are $150 EACH.  I blanch, then pretend to call the “money guy”, who is my brother in law.  I ask him how much he thinks they’re worth and he tells me for $150 each to walk away.  So I go to the seller and say I misunderstood and thought they were $150 for both, so I’ll pass.  He then asks me how much I’ll spend.  I chew on it, and say “$95 each.”  He agrees.  (I later find these microphones on the internet and the cheapest is $89 each, so I really did good there).

We pay by credit card.  This is a mom and pop store (really just pop) and a credit card transaction with all these items takes a good half hour.  We leave the store at 5:45 to go to dinner, where our guests have been waiting 45 minutes.  We have a hurried dinner, then I run to Radio Shack.

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