Our First Interview
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Post Mortem

The interview ended and before I took a breath I began copying the file to several locations.  The interview  HAD recorded, but I never trust a hard drive.  They’ll always crash eventually.  So I took the WAV file and  spread it over several drives on several computers, the most accessible being on Christine’s desktop.  From  there I immediately started editing the show, which didn’t take very long.  I didn’t want to edit Steve’s  responses at all, so I only edited Marjorie tripping over a couple of words, or a pop here or there as we  moved.  The trickiest part was a combination of noise removal (always a tricky procedure to make the vocals  sound clean and not make it sound like we’re breathing through scuba equipment) and volume leveling. 

Telephone microphones are very sensitive to such things as distance from one’s mouth.  During the beginning of  the interview Steve was at a good volume, but later it got softer and required manual adjustment.  Due to the  variance a lot of it had to be done by hand. 

A few hours later the first half of the interview was edited and, anxious to share it, it was posted a few  hours prior to the Monday release date.  At the time of this writing I have the second half to edit, but  normally I have just a few hours to edit a show and this time I have an entire week.  Should be relaxing.

Now we are keeping the Shure SM57s.  Our show should sound better than ever, except when we’re doing phone  interviews and have to break out the Altec Lansing headsets and the Y cords.  The mixer should allow for a  more constant volume level between us, and the multiple inputs allows for having even more people in the  “studio” with us.  Plus one more trip to Radio Shack and I should be able to take the SM57s on the road for  live interviews.

But whatever interviews those SM57s are used for, I doubt if they’ll be as exciting or as stressful as our  first one with Steve Sansweet.  

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