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eFX Collectibles UNLEASHES Star Wars Incinerator Trooper Helmet Replica

Available now and coming out of the blue is eFX Collectibles’ latest prop replica — The Force Unleashed Incinerator Trooper Helmet.   This helmet is exclusive to and is limited to 501 pieces worldwide. This PCR helmet is one of the lower detail “stunt” replicas made by eFX, but that also keeps the price very […]

Sideshow makes Star Wars collectors choose the color of Han Solo’s coat.

  The color of Han Solo’s jacket on Hoth seems to endlessly be a bane for collectors.  Depending on the lighting, the lens filter, and the shot, sometimes in The Empire Strikes Back Han’s coat looks decidely brown.  In other shots, it’s blue.  Collectors often seem to side towards blue, their memories influenced by Kenner’s […]