Episode 229: Going Commando
January 18, 2010


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Show Notes

Since 1977 Star Wars fans have wanted to use the Force, be it squeezing fingers together to imagine choking a despotic boss or waving our hands so automatic doors open at the grocery store. But this was all taken one step further when Uncle Milton released their Star Wars Force Trainer, supposedly allowing Star Wars fans to use their mind to control a floating Jedi Training Remote. Arnie and Marjorie have put this "fun-ducational" toy through the paces, and report back on their findings on this week's podcast.

Also this week, Gentle Giant Star Wars mini-busts seem to never be as coveted as when they are clones or when they are exclusives, and when they are exclusive clones collectors better watch out! The Gentle Giant Republic Commando mini-busts are reviewed on this week's show.

With reviews of Star Wars blasters by both adults and children, a rundown on where to find $25 AT-STs, and more, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News, so go listen now!

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