Episode 240: The Trouble with Time Travel
April 12, 2010


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Show Notes

Paul S Kemp is Star Wars' newest author, and his novel Crosscurrent is making waves through fandom. It's selling well and has gotten good reviews, but certain plot points are causing controversy and discussion with Expanded Universe fans. On this week's Star Wars Action News podcast, we have Paul S Kemp on the show discussing why he wanted to write for Star Wars, and we go in depth on some of the book's more controversial aspects.

Also this week, we discuss the newest Star Wars TV projects, say why Star Wars 3-D should not happen, and we have a Hasbro Q&A! All this and more on this week's podcast!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) While fans are very excited about the upcoming C5 4LOM and Zuckuss 2 pack, they are concerned over the price. Do you have an indication of the price of this exclusive?

2) Bravo on the new Cloud Car! Appreciating Hasbro's stance on less aggressive vehicles in the Star Wars line making for weaker choices as far as kid appeal goes, the pop-out cannons for the Cloud Car looks like a winner that makes both bases happy. However, with this vehicle's (hopeful) success in mind, might we see other, less overtly aggressive, movie vehicles made into plastic (with hidden battle features) in the coming years? For example, a Jedi never knows when trouble might jump out, so perhaps the ROTS Jedi Airspeeders sported some concealed, pop-up missile racks. Or Uncle Owen, mindful of the ever present Tusken threat, may have installed an anti-personnel weapon of some kind inside his family speeder, and who knows what concealed weaponry might burst out when more obscure vehicles like the Tatooine 9000 2001 or Void Spiders are in sticky situations?

Any chance of seeing some of these, or other new vehicles from the movie, realized in the near future please?

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