Episode 243: No Rules, Just Right
May 03, 2010


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Show Notes

Can a sale on action figures not only help your wallet but change your worldview? The answer is "yes!" This week on Star Wars Action News, Marjorie and Arnie reflect on the insane sale on Star Wars figures last week at Toys R Us, and discuss not only how it allowed fans to stock up on figures at better-than-2005 prices, but also how it gave Arnie a totally new attitude towards collecting.

Also this week we preview Gentle Giant's 2010 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Mini-Bust, the third in StarWarsShop.com's Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary art collection, and Sideshow's new Captain Rex figure.

With a Hasbro Q&A and more, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) With the upcoming Vintage line-up having a higher price point than the Saga
Legends and Clone Wars figures, how will this impact Battle Packs? Will we
not see the Vintage figures in battle packs, or will battle packs with vintage
figures also feature a higher price?

2) With Celebration V and SDCC so close together, will you be revealing some
"new" product at each event, and if so, will one venue feature mroe than the
other, or how are you deciding what is shown where?

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