Episode 263: Making the Best of a Bad Situation
September 20, 2010


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Show Notes

It has been a very busy week for Star Wars collectors. And as all things should, they came in 3s. Gentle Giant released for sale 3 new Vintage "Jumbo" Figures, Sideshow announcing 3 new 12" figures, and Marjorie finding 3 new Halloween Themed bobble heads at Target.

Also this week, we discuss some items showing up in the mail. Marjorie and Arnie talk about the Celebration 5 "Complete" Badge set that was recently delivered, and then Jerry joins us for a "Vintage" review of the new mail-away Boba Fett figure. We also have Hasbro's response to all the damaged Boba Fett figure cards showing up in droves coast to coast.

With a Hasbro Q&A, a great bargain at Walmart, and a toy lightsaber you don't want to touch, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Why was there a set "launch date" for the newest figures? Launch dates,
in the past, we've seen for major events (the four movies in theaters in 99,
'02, '05, and '08), but all other line changes usually just trickle out. So
why set the 8/6 date this time?

2) Are there any plans to do any Fan's Choice voting again in the near
future (be it another figure rerelease vote or a brand new figure vote)?

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