Episode 269: The Force Unleashed 2 -- Part 3: Reviews Unleashed
November 01, 2010


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Show Notes
With The Force Unleashed 2 Star Wars fans have their biggest video game event since the original. Starkiller is back and seemingly more powerful than ever! However while hype was high among Star Wars fans early buzz on the game was mixed. Now Star Wars Action News brings you the definitive review podcast for The Force Unleashed 2. Arnie and Marjorie review every aspect of the Collector's Edition of the game for the XBox 360--the graphics, the gameplay, the story, and the much maligned duration of the game. 

Also chiming in are Dan and Jerry from Republic Forces Radio Network, who went to the midnight launch of The Force Unleashed 2 at their local gamestop and talk to excited fans eager to play the game, and then they provide their views on the Collector's Edition. 

Owen Cheddar and his father call in with thoughts on the Wii version of the game, including multiplayer. 

Finally we play your thoughts on the game. All week, Star Wars Action News has been asking for your voicemails reviewing the game. Listen to find out what your fellow Star Wars fans think of the game! 

All this and great bargains on Slave I and AT-ATs to boot on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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