Episode 277: 2010 In Review Part 2 - Gentle Giant, Sideshow, and Star Wars for Her
January 03, 2011


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Show Notes

As Star Wars Action News continues it's look back on 2010 in Star Wars Collecting, Marjorie, Arnie, Nathan, Brock, Steve, Jerry, and Berent reflect on 2010 higher end offerings, including the Gentle Giant 12" Vintage Replicas, busts, and maquettes, Sideshow Premium Format EU figures, Kotobukia Art FX and Art FX Plus statues, eFX stunt and studio scale models, and more!

Also a look back on 2010's biggest Star Wars movement, the girl geek fad. With the explosion of Her Universe, the viral videos by Team Unicorn, and more, we look back on what made 2010 the year of the female Star Wars fan.

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