Episode 291: A Chat With Lucasfilm Consultant Steve Sansweet
April 11, 2011


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Show Notes

In the 90s Star Wars Action News host Arnie would anxiously rip open every new issue of Star Wars Insider and turn to the collecting Q&A where he would read answers by Lucasfilm Director of Content Management and Star Wars uber-collector Steve Sansweet about collectibles old and new. Through this, Arnie had his first exposure to the owner of the world's largest private Star Wars collection, and in the many years since starting Star Wars Action News Arnie and Marjorie have had the pleasure of meeting Steve in person many times as well as having him on the podcast.

Steve joins Arnie and Marjorie on the show again this week for the first time not as a salaried Lucasfilm employee. Those of you who are fans of Steve Sansweet on Facebook know that about six months ago he announced his retirement from Lucasfilm, and two weeks ago he announced that Lucasfilm had hired him on as a consultant. Listen to this week's Star Wars Action News as Steve talks with Arnie and Marjorie about these latest developments, what it means for Steve's future, as well as updates on the next Star Wars Celebration in 2012 (and every other year after that!), how things are progressing with Steve's collection Rancho Obi-Wan, how to protect your Star Wars collectibles from aging, and many more topics.

And also this week, Justin brings you the latest collecting news, and Marjorie gives an update on her latest creation from Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book--The Washcloth Wampa!

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