Episode 297: Buy the Star Wars!
May 23, 2011


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Show Notes

While the vast majority of Star Wars collectors are still on the hunt for new figures, reports are coming in of Wave 3 revision cases shipping, as well as new signs of Vintage waves 3, 4, 5, and 6 coming in from the US, the UK, and Canada. On this week's Star Wars Action News podcast, Marjorie and Arnie run down what they've been finding, and what they've been hearing other people found. From Gamorrean Guards to the elusive (former Kohl's exclusive) Galactic Heroes AT-ST, Clone Wars Wave 11 and more, find out where to look on this week's show!

Also on the podcast, we have a hands on review of Star Wars Frames, the high-end collectible book set featuring photos hand-picked by George Lucas. Also one listener reports in from the grand opening of the new Star Tours ride at Disneyworld, and Marjorie and Arnie look at some very cool new preorders going up this week from Sideshow--a one-sixth scale Dewback and a Premium Format Stormtrooper!

With a Sithsonian packing update, collecting budgeting, and more, it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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