Episode 312: Blu Horizon
September 12, 2011


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Show Notes

Jerry and Dan are back with some help from another member of Republic Forces Radio Network... Jen! The saga on Blu Ray is on the near horizon! Well for some of us it's already here! But that's later in the show...

And what a show we have for you this week! We've got a rundown on all the offers that stores will be using to try to tempt you into buying your copy of the Blu Rays from them!We've have lots of Store finds, Online finds, news about NYCC, and a Hasbro Q&A!

Think we're done? No way! Our own Steve the Ginger Prince was one of the lucky folks to get a copy of the Blu Rays early! Be sure to catch his first look into all the goodies!

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) It's been said many times that Vintage will continue through 2012. But we've seen the packaging for the Episode I 3-D release. With Clone Wars and Saga Legends, will there be 4 Star Wars lines in early 2012, or will there not be a specific Episode I line?

2) While I completely respect the exclusivity of the SDCC Death Star set, giving Vintage Collection numbers to the exclusive carded Salacious Crumb and Mouse Droid does appear to be salt in the eyes of collectors who want a full set of The Vintage Collection. In the past exclusives were not included in the basic numbering system. Why was the decision made to number those two not-available-at-retail figures? And is there any chance that these two mini-carded figures might find another exclusive outlet (which would not detract from the exclusivity of the Death Star box set as a whole any more than the Revenge cards being at retail does) such as Entertainment Earth, HasbroToyShop.com, or some other outlet?

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