Episode 323: Rip-ping into Paul S. Kemp
December 05, 2011


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Show Notes

With Crosscurrent, Paul S Kemp made his mark on Star Wars fiction by telling an exciting and violent tale of Jedi locked in battle with Sith, but when that story ended fans were left wondering what the future held for Jaden Korr and the mysterious Jedi clones he encountered. Now Kemp is back with the sequel novel Riptide, and back on Star Wars Action News to talk about the development of the novel, it's themes of identity and nature versus nurture, and where the story of Jaden Korr might lead.

Also on this week's Star Wars Action News podcast, Marjorie and Arnie provide an update on the packing of the Sithsonian, we have a store report about new Wal-Mart exclusives, and a Hasbro Q&A. All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Thank you for seeing fit to include the 2009 Aayla Secura in the 2012 Clone Wars line-up. Her figure has been very difficult to find since it was first released so many of us will welcome a second chance to track her down in stores next year. That said, is there any chance you might take this opportunity to improve her facial paint aps please? The sample shown at events in the year of her release (and even afterwards) was a gorgeous figure with a great likeness, but the version that actually hit retail was very different and left something to be desired. I would think you'd agree she bears far less resemblance to the character from the show than the prototype and is, well, somewhat less pretty. It looks so different I can't help wondering if it was even the same face sculpt? If so, it is amazing what a difference paint aps can make. Any chance we will see a fix with this release please?

2) The reveal of the new Seripas figure at comic Con in July was greeted by delight in my household. Bravo for creating a fantastic figure and one we can't wait to pick up. The mech suit turned out great and even the tiny little preposed sitting pilot figurine looks fantastic. Bonus points for making him removable, but in his compact, seated pose he's not really suited to play or display outside of his armour (in truth, his pose is somewhat reminiscent of someone experiencing a digestive crisis). Understanding this was a necessary and reasonable compromise and that the main event here is really the robotic suit, is there any chance we might see a resculpted standing Seripas mini figurine in the future, perhaps packed as an accessory with another figure like Sugi, much like Todo 360 was included with the most recent Cad Bane?

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