Episode 333A: Toy Fair 2012 Day 1: Hasbro + Phantom Menace 3-D
February 11, 2012


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Show Notes

Toy Fair 2012 is in full swing, and as always Hasbro presents to fan media one day early showing off the toys of the year, and this year for Star Wars they showed the MTT vehicle, new figures in Vintage and Movie Heroes lines, Fighter Pods, Amp'd vehicles, the Jar Jar in Carbonite SDCC exclusive, and more! On this Star Wars Action News, you can hear the entire Hasbro Star Wars brand presentation, and Arnie and Marjorie run down the highs and lows of the presentation.

Also on today's show, Marjorie and Arnie saw The Phantom Menace in 3-D in Manhattan. After so much build-up, did the extra dimension made the film deeper, or come off as a cheap marketing gimmick? And what will be the fates for the rest of the saga's conversion? Listen to the show to find out!

And then Star Wars Action News will be back tomorrow from the floor of the Javitz center reporting on Lego, Diamond, Funko, and the other Star Wars collectibles shown at Toy Fair!

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