Episode 368: BREAKING NEWS: Disney buys Lucasfilm; Announces Episodes 7, 8, and 9
October 30, 2012


Show Notes

Many Star Wars fans had to check their calendars today. Was it April Fools' Day? Were the folks at Lucasfilm and Disney joining to play a Halloween prank on fans? But slowly the news set in -- for over four billion dollars Disney has bought Lucasfilm, with the primary focus being the Star Wars franchise. More, they are immediately beginning preproduction on Star Wars Episode VII with a planned release in Summer, 2015.

It's the single biggest surprise since Vader said "No, I am your father." and now the Star Wars Action News team has gathered to gather the reaction from Star Wars fans and collectors. Join Marjorie, Arnie, Berent, Nathan, Jerry, Andrew, Jakob, and Steve the Gingerprince as they tell their initial reaction to the news, and what this means for their collecting.

Listen to this special episode of Star Wars Action News, then call us and share your thoughts on this major revelation for Star Wars. Leave us a voicemail at 415-508-JEDI

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