Episode 227: 2009 in reviews, the 00s in review
December 28, 2009


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Show Notes

Just over 10 years ago The Phantom Menace was rereleased in theaters for a limited run charity engagement, Episode I and Power of the Force 2 figures still shared pegs, and we were all still reeling from the death of our most beloved Wookiee. Now we look forward to a new decade of Star Wars with more years of the Clone Wars ahead of us, a still much promised live action TV series, and, of course, Star Wars Celebration V and the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

Join Arnie, Marjorie, Brock, Jason, Jerry, Nathan, and Scott as they look back on 2009 in Star Wars. Discussing all the major collectibles from Hasbro, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, and eFX Collectibles as well as the year in the expanded universe from books to comics to video games, and also reflect on how Star Wars has changed for them in the past 10 years.

And finally they look forward to 2010 and what is to come...

May it be a Happy and Star Wars filled New Year to all listeners of Star Wars Action News!

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