Episode 226: Something, Something, Something, Action News
December 22, 2009


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Show Notes

If your Christmas shopping isn't yet done, here is Star Wars Action News with an episode bursting like a tree with too many presents for you to listen to while you shop! (And if you ARE done, well la de da, you can listen while everyone around you fights crowds in stores).

On this week's podcast, Arnie and Marjorie talk to Kirker Butler, writer on Family Guy and now The Cleveland Show. Kirker is the head writer of the new Family Guy/Star Wars special, The Empire Strikes Back spoof Something, Something, Something Darkside (available Tuesday only on Blu Ray and DVD!). Kirker tells us a bit about the production process for this episode, if it will air on television, and what to expect in the future in the way of Star Wars/Family Guy episodes.

Also this week, the hosts discuss custom "vintage" Star Wars Christmas Stockings and R2-D2 wreaths, and then give a run down of Star Wars news, including the rumors of a new Star Wars movie, the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition "exclusive" Hoth level's availability for download, and three new Sideshow 1/6 scale releases this past week. Then they are joined by Nathan who talks about collecting classic Star Wars comics, Darth Kozy gives a quick customizing tip to "fix" your newest figures, and Jerry gives us a vintage report on some "Christmas Tauntauns" (and Wampas too!)

With your voice mails, a recount of a coffee-fueled impulse buy, and a brand new Hasbro Q&A uncovering the fate of some previously announced Galactic Heroes Battle Packs, it's all this week on the Star Wars Action News podcast!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) From these Q&As we know that there is always a balancing game regards to how many figures and accessories can be included in a set and meet the price point. But in regards to the recently rereleased McQuarrie figure sets we can't help but be disappointed in the lack of key accessories like the shield for the Stormtrooper and the alternate heads for Boba Fett and Vader. Would it really have increased the street price of those packs that much to include the original accessories? What tipped the balance towards not including those pieces?

2) Whatever happend to the Galactic Heroes Purchase of the Droids and Kamino Showdown Galactic Heroes sets? They were shown in the Toyfair slideshow but so far appear to have failed to materialise. Are these still on the schedule, been delayed or moved, or have they (dare I ask) been axed? If so, is there any word on any of the new figures being released in another format please? I was excited by that gonk droid in particular.

3) The retractable-leg R2 body is a fun version of our favorite astromechs, and the head-click ratchet was a great way to incorperate a vintage "action feature", however if close attention is paid to the third leg, it's pretty obvious that every incarnation of this mold has had it inserted backwards. This error makes his feet unable to achieve the proper angle when in three-leg mode, which is only more obvious if placed next to a B.A.D. R-series droid. Before this mold goes away, is there any hope of seeing this error corrected?

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