Episode 221: Bric-a-Brac
November 16, 2009


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Christmas is coming, and the toy aisles are humming! From Hasbro figures to vehicles, to Christmas decorations at Target, gift packages at Toys R Us, and lots of party supplies at Factory Card Outlet. So much Star Wars everywhere, and we try to run down as much of it as we can on this week's   Star Wars Action News.

Then also this week we have some in depth reviews. Have you been eying one of the flying vehicles, either the Jedi Starfighter or the Gunship? Arnie and Marjorie do their "consumer reports" rundown on the flying Jedi Starfighter to let you know if it's worth your hard earned money.

Then Jerry joins us for an in-depth look at Hasbro and Kenner 3.75" scale AT-STs. With the new Wal Mart exclusive super AT-ST, Jerry takes us back in time to the Kenner vintage original and then all the rereleases through the years.

And finally this week, perhaps you've heard that the new book The Complete Vader has had its release date pushed back from October, 2009 to October *2011*! Arnie already got his preorder from Amazon, and he reviews this book and discusses the issues surrounding its recall.

With your voice mails and what's new at Brian's Toys, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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Its that wonderful time of the year. Time to pop in the Star Wars Holiday Special and enjoy the sounds of a Christmas in the Stars. Its also time again for the Star Wars Action News Sithmas Gift Exchange. We tried this in years past with great success. So celebrate the Saga and the joy of the holidays with your fellow SWANlings.

Flight of the Starfighter (MP4, 46.2 MB , 4 mins)

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