Episode 218: Death Troopers, Death Troopers, Smell Like Death, Talk Like Troopers
October 26, 2009


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It's the biggest Star Wars novel to be released this year, with the biggest promotional push behind it--Star Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber featuring the first hard core horror Star Wars novel ever, with violence and gore that would earn any film an R rating. This week on Star Wars Action News, Arnie sits down with Joe to discuss the creation of this book, talk about the challenge that is doing Star Wars horror the right way, and finds out the troopth about the Deathtroopers promotional CD that was rumored to have been handed out at New York ComicCon last February.

Also this week, Star Wars Action News correspondent Scott from Tulsa has attended the Star Wars in Concert, and he gives us his review of that show as well as some of the latest comic packs hitting stores. And speaking of comic packs, Star WArs Tales author Nathan P. Butler let's listeners know his behind the scenes take of the release of the Hasbro comic figure 2-pack based on his comic book Equals and Opposites.

With a UK report, a Hasbro Q&A, and a contest where you can win a copy of Chronicle's The Art of Clone Wars book, it's all this week on the Star Wars Action News podcast!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) You have recently said that you would not include mixes of new and repackaged figures in battle packs, hearing collectors' frustration at having to buy 3 old figures just to get one new one. Can we ask you extend this policy to also include the Galactic Heroes multi-packs? To have to purchase 8 old figures for one new or retooled figure is often too high an expense.

2) There have been mixed reports--can you state for us if the alternate "clean shaven" Hoth Trooper did ship on the blue card? From previous Q&As some sites are reporting the clean shaven version never made it out while others are saying it was released but in very limited quantity.

3) Many collectors are concerned about the repackaged figures being released with new Build A Droid parts, such as the figures from the A New Hope wave. Is this an intentional act on your part, and will the build-a-droid pieces on these figures be later available for collectors on new figures, or are we forced to rebuy figures we already have if we want a complete Build-A-Droid set?


Thanks to our friends at Chronicle Books, we are giving you a chance to win a copy of The Art of The Clone Wars book. To enter all you have to do is submit a picture of Star Wars artwork that you have created. This is not a talent contest, anything from stick figures to paint to sculpture - as long as it is art you have created is valid for entry.

Full rules and details.

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