Episode 216: A Lego A Day For Those In UK
October 12, 2009


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It seems like it's been years while we awaited the new Star Wars novel coming out this week--Deathtroopers, and while the book jacket certainly looked grusome enough, evoking images of Hellraiser's Pinhead going to town on the Emperor's troops, and the thought was so exciting to some costumers that zombie stormtroopers could be seen walking the floor at San Diego Comic Con. But for all the hype, including exclusive "letters from the IMperial Prison Barge Purge" published on our own site, there has been some nervousness in the fan community about this title. A Sci-Fi horror mashup? Those sometimes work (Pitch Black) but often don't (Leprechan in Space), and for Star Wars fans the question has been--is this book the dawning of a new type of Star Wars fiction, or doomed to be a failed experiment? With the book in stores this week, Star Wars Action News brings you their in depth spoiler free review of this novel, so you can listen and find out if this is the perfect way to Star Wars up your Halloween horror reading.

Also in new releases, there is a new Star Wars video game out, Clone Wars: Republic Heroes. While there seems to be a lot of hype coming from official sources surrounding this game, many people felt the downloadable demo was less than spectacular. With the final game released, Star Wars Action News gives the PS3 version of the game a full review.

With talk of the latest, best, and most exclusive Star WArs Halloween costumes, a day by day run down of the free UK Lego sets, and a look at the vintage remote control R2-D2, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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