Episode 215: Two Clones One Ball
October 05, 2009


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While the new red packaged toys continue to show up in ever-larger numbers, perhaps one of the hottest items is still in blue--the Clone Turret Battle Pack. With Hasbro having said that this item is not planned on being rereleased, perhaps ever, due to the new smaller battle pack size, this is one item collectors can't miss out on. The hosts of Star Wars Action News finally got their hands on some of these balls, but are they worth the hunt? Listen to find out

Also this week, the latest prop replica from eFX Collectibles, the Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber, has been shipping. It's sold out from eFX Directly but still available at Brian's Toys. Should you rush to get your hands on this first high-end Clone Wars prop? Arnie and Marjorie review it and let you know!

With a news round-up, your voice mails, listener questions, and a Hasbro Q&A, it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News Podcast!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Given the popularity of the character of Ahsoka with young Clone Wars fans, many of our listeners were surprised to not see any hint of an Ahsoka role-play lightsaber at SDCC. Is this something you have any plans for in the near future?

2) With economic realities making two-packs for smaller characters like the current Ugnaughts tough and tougher to bring in under budget, might we expect more single carded releases in the future that follow the example of last year's Leektar with Nippet set, whereby the perceived lesser value of a small figure is offset by a chunky but simple accessory that is a character itself? Perhaps this could be a silver lining to the dark cloud of tight tooling equations and bring us some of the oft neglected little guys of Star Wars--the small creatures and droids that help enrich the scenes in which they appear, but who on their own are unlikely to otherwise be made as toys! (Our suggestions in this regard include Tatooine Scurrier creatures, Dwarf Nunas, some of Jabba's Palace creatures like Worrt, a correctly scaled Mouse Droid, correctly scaled Sandtrooper Patrol Droid, Episode 1 Recon PK mono-wheel droid, or various small animals of the Gungan or Dagobah swamps...as well as more womprats or woklings)

3) Lately we've noticed a change in vehicles being released as part of the Star Wars line. In the past these vehicles had very detailed "battle damaged" wearing on vehicles which made them really feel a part of the "lived in" Star Wars universe, but lately vehicles such as the new Clone Wars Y-Wing, Obi-Wan's Starfighter, Dagger Squadron B-Wing and many others have no wear making them look factory new. This does not match the asthetic of the Clone Wars cartoon as the ships in that series look even more aged and beaten than those in the movies. Is it a cost issue? We can't help but feel increasingly disappointed by the simplicity of the paint apps when coupled with the increasing prices.

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