Episode 213: Want to be a Clone Commander? Read the book!
September 21, 2009


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Show Notes

Last week at Toys R Us if you spent $30 on Star Wars toys you got a free Clone Commander Training Manual, showing that Clone Commanders must be able to navigate mazes, decipher word jumbles, and have plenty of stickers in order to lead Republic forces! The book has a cover price of $14.99, but is it worth it? Listen to this week's Star Wars Action News podcast to find out!

Also this week, Star Wars fans know figure prices are on the rise, and with the new Toys R Us Commander Ponds 3.75" figure ringing up at $9.99 with no special accessory, bonus figure, or even Build-A-Droid part, it's becoming quite a lot for collectors to bear. This week on Star Wars Action News there's look at the rising cost of figures and give a rationale as to why another price hike to $8.44 may be in the wings, and run down the latest sales so collectors can get the biggest bang for their buck.

With a discussion of the Jedi Religion, a rundown of the newly revealed battle packs and deluxe figures, and a Hasbro Q&A, it's all this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) For those of us with mis-matched (silver vs. champagne) U-3PO parts, is there any way for us to trade in parts to get a U-3PO that is all one color? Or is our only recourse to buy more figures to get the ones we need? (and can we respectfully ask that you not change a build-a-droid figure's deco mid-run in the future)?

2) The Rebel Fleet Trooper blaster that has been packed in with many rebels since 2001 is woefully undersized. It should be the same size and "heft" as the Imperial Stormtrooper blaster, as both props were built on the same British Sterling Mk4/L2A3 machine gun (more info: http://www.partsofsw.com/dh17anh.htm). Could we expect a properly sized Rebel Trooper Blaster in the future? (Also note that this blaster was used by some Death Star Troopers).

3) I was wondering if with the success of the BAD figure line if we could have a Blue-max figure from the origional Han Solo books?

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