Episode 211: Atlas At Last
September 07, 2009


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Show Notes

Since the 90s the Star Wars Essential Guide series has been a must have for Star Wars fans. For fans of the Expanded Universe they are good references, and for those who don't read the novels the Essential Guides provide a Cliff's-Notes version of the Expanded Universe. But with their latest book, The Essential Atlas, Del Rey has outdone themselves. Full of full-color art from all periods of Star Wars lore and heavily detailed maps, as well as a rundown of Star Wars history, this book is truly one no Star Wars book collection should be missing.

To share their excitement for this new book, the hosts of Star Wars Action News interviewed the authors of the Atlas, Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace, about the effort that went into literally mapping out a galaxy. Then they talk to one of the authors of the book, Chris Trevas who is responsible for all of the character art in the book. And finally they talk to Nathan P. Butler who contributed to the dates given in the Atlas as an extension of his long time passion, the Star Wars Timeline Gold.

With a store report, listener voicemails, and the talk of perhaps the dirtiest Halloween costume ever, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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