Episode 210: Toys in Weird Places
August 31, 2009


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Show Notes

For over four years, Star Wars Action News has been bringing you the reports of what toys are showing up at Wal Marts, Targets, and other nationwide chains. But as any collector knows, sometimes the best finds aren't at your local stores, which is why this week Marjorie and Arnie go looking for toys old and new in some unusual locations, including a number of antique stores, a toy show, and a flea market. They discuss all the types of items you might find at these places. Listen and you might be inspired to go on a Star Wars toy scavenger hunt of your own!

Also on this week's podcast, the hosts reveal the 30 characters that you, the listeners, nominated to have figures made as part of Hasbro's current Fan's Choice vote. The characters run the whole range of Star Wars from original trilogy to prequel to expanded universe. Was your favorite character picked? Listen to find out.

With a UK report, a kid's review of the new Cad Bane figure, and a rundown on the week's Star Wars collecting news, it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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